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I am Lawrence Weber, a general lover of digital things, Head of Digital at Karmarama, FWA judge and writer, contributor to brand-e and a member of the IPA Digital Business Group.

If you really need to, then you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile or FWA interview for all the detail, but stay here for interesting stuff I find and some stuff of my own.

BTW- I live on an island called West Mersea, hence the oh so clever name of this blog.


The guys at FWA and brand-e are kind enough to let me contribute content, here are links to some FWA things

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Playground Sessions

This is an interesting piece of agency created IP from BBH Zag

Playground sessions is a software platform that teaches you to play the Piano by showing you a training video of the instructor and the keys you need to play.

Lot of attempts by agencies to develop IP outside of campiagns feel a little shallow, but this has obvious potential. I know a couple of people who are learning to play the Piano for the first time in their 40s- I know old hey ;)- using this and they couldn't be more positive.

Here is a YouTube video of it in action