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I am Lawrence Weber, a general lover of digital things, Head of Digital at Karmarama, FWA judge and writer, contributor to brand-e and a member of the IPA Digital Business Group.

If you really need to, then you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile or FWA interview for all the detail, but stay here for interesting stuff I find and some stuff of my own.

BTW- I live on an island called West Mersea, hence the oh so clever name of this blog.


The guys at FWA and brand-e are kind enough to let me contribute content, here are links to some FWA things

Submarine Channel Interview

Mudlark Interview

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Diesel Pre Internet Shoe

Continuing the tradition of campaigns like the Burger King Friend's Sacrifice, Diesel are asking people to abstain from sharing the minutiae of their lives on Facebook in order to win some limited edition pre-internet trainers.

The site is here

This anti-hipster/tech spoof is very funny too.

Amusingly it's very like this campaign I worked on with Ok Go. I'm taking it as flattery rather than ridicule.

OK Go GPS Film - Range Rover Evoque from Edwin Roses on Vimeo.



Save the Kitten

Nice irreverent piece from three of my fave production companies Stink, Resn and Rehab

Not much explanation needed. The Kitten represents the Internet. And we don't want anyone to kill it.

Enjoy it here 


Customise your Mustang

Being fairly long in the tooth, I've seen my fair share of car configurators.

I've been on the end of a few configurator briefs too.

So it's nice to see a good one, like this one from Mustang

The customisation interface itself is great and the added scocial element of rewards for the amount of effort you put in, or being able to battle your car against others give it an extra edge.

Nice work.


Breast Cancer Self Check- iAd

If you're one of those people- like me- that thinks Apps and ads in general, should be useful then have a look at this.

The National Cancer Society of Malaysia along with Breast Awareness Month, have created an iAd App that teaches women how to check their breasts for cancer.

Very simple, very effective and very useful.


Playground Sessions

This is an interesting piece of agency created IP from BBH Zag

Playground sessions is a software platform that teaches you to play the Piano by showing you a training video of the instructor and the keys you need to play.

Lot of attempts by agencies to develop IP outside of campiagns feel a little shallow, but this has obvious potential. I know a couple of people who are learning to play the Piano for the first time in their 40s- I know old hey ;)- using this and they couldn't be more positive.

Here is a YouTube video of it in action