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I am Lawrence Weber, a general lover of digital things, Head of Digital at Karmarama, FWA judge and writer, contributor to brand-e and a member of the IPA Digital Business Group.

If you really need to, then you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile or FWA interview for all the detail, but stay here for interesting stuff I find and some stuff of my own.

BTW- I live on an island called West Mersea, hence the oh so clever name of this blog.


The guys at FWA and brand-e are kind enough to let me contribute content, here are links to some FWA things

Submarine Channel Interview

Mudlark Interview

Welcome to Pinepoint feature

Wilderness Downtown feature


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Ipad Apps for cats

This is silly but yet based on a solid insight that animals are fixated by moving images.

Nice work by Friskies


Books 2.0

Having just bought an Ipad 2, I have been on the look out for things to show it off.

Al Gore's new book- Our Choice- comes as a splendid Ipad app- see it demoed by the publishers Push Pop Press below. It is a great example of how to make interaction a key part of something rather than just an add on.

Not sure how this works for a standard novel, but I am sure someone will think of something.



Amazing Xbox Kinetic + 3D printing hack

The hacking activity around Xbox Kinetic has spawned some great stuff, but this is awesome.

Be Your Own Souvenir! from blablabLAB on Vimeo.



Uncomfortable viewing...

This was a bit of jolt for a Tuesday lunchtime, but this ant-prostitution film is really powerful.

It uses the established tricks of the interactive film- first person camera, webcam etc.- which are quite voyeuristic in themselves- to great but fairly gruesome affect.



Diesel Island

This new piece of digital niceness works really well on lots of levels. 

1. The concept of Diesel creating an alternative space is very on brand and delivered with the usual Diesel tone

2. The photograohy and  transitions are stunning- so it serves really well as a product catalogue

3. The Island Streetview, Facebook "Island commandments" and the Island music playlist are clever and give this a lot of social/digital depth