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I am Lawrence Weber, a general lover of digital things, Head of Digital at Karmarama, FWA judge and writer, contributor to brand-e and a member of the IPA Digital Business Group.

If you really need to, then you can take a look at my LinkedIn profile or FWA interview for all the detail, but stay here for interesting stuff I find and some stuff of my own.

BTW- I live on an island called West Mersea, hence the oh so clever name of this blog.


The guys at FWA and brand-e are kind enough to let me contribute content, here are links to some FWA things

Submarine Channel Interview

Mudlark Interview

Welcome to Pinepoint feature

Wilderness Downtown feature


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Love your Kids- get them Land of Me

The real joy of being a dad and a geek is that you get to justify expensive gadget purchases, because they will be great for your kids.

There are lots of great iPad apps out there- check out Nosy Crow's 3 little pigs- and of course the BBC has a wealth of resource on its sites. However you don't see that many commercial, desktop/PC based apps.

Well here is a lovely one- The Land of Me

Its beautifully illsutrated and animated and so my teacher wife tells me, very educational

Have a look at the demo below

The Land of Me - Trailer from The Land of Me on Vimeo.


Nice work from all concerned and of course Less Rain


Primeval turns YouTube into first person shooter

You Tube quite often gets ignored as a creative platform so this was a nice Monday lunchtime treat.

This Primeval takeover starts off looking like a standard takeover, but soons turns into a short, first person shooter.

Nice work by Red Bee


Sounds good

Terrible title to this post, but it is Monday.

This piece of work from B-Reel and DDB is the latest to use Binaural sound to great effect.

Binaural sound- is a method of sound recording that creates the effect of full 360 sound from a set of normal headphones. The end result is a very immersive technique which can add an extra layer to interactive experiences.

Check out Papa Sangre and Lexus Dark Ride for other examples of great sound design AND if you want to go into the detail, check out these guys-


The Economist- Thinking Space

This is a really nice idea.

An app which allows Economist readers to upload inspirational places to a map.

The whole "user sourced guide-book" thing is a well trodden path, but this feels spot on for The Economist.

By AMV and Hi-res


The story behind Wilderness Downtown- My first interview for FWA

I don't do much naked self publicity but here is some ;)

I had the pleasure of interviewing the guys behind Wilderness Downtown for FWA and the edited highlights of that are now here to see

Thanks to @fwa, @aaronkoblin, @thm_a and @bentricklebank for thier time