Instagram and YouTube- two changes same story
Monday, September 9, 2013 at 9:55AM
Lawrence Weber

It's not news that the digital services we rely on on for self expression and connection at some point become less about us and more about them.

YouTube's announcement that they are turning off responses this week and Instagram confirming ads will appear in the newsfeed soon, show the tension that exists between what we want from our digital services and how they have to change to make money and exists as businesses.

It's a simple equation really, if we want things for free we need to pay for them with ads or in the case of the YouTube annoucement, accept that the UE will change to make the world simpler for brands and content owners.    

As long as the bulk of users feel they still get a net benefit all is good. It's down to agencies and brands to watch for the tipping point and keep iterating and revaluating our strategies though.


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